HMS Rapid and HMS Cavalier race for the title of
"Fastest ship in the fleet" (1971)

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RNIOA Summary, 2019
On the 6th of July 1971, HMS Cavalier (D73, C-class WW2 destroyer) and HMS Rapid (F138, Type 15 Frigate and former WW2 destroyer) participated in a two-hour race in the Firth of Forth, Scotland. Both were capable of speeds of about 37 knots. Cavalier narrowly won the race after a safety valve blew on Rapid. Cavalier was presented with the "Cock o' the Fleet" award, which can be seen on the ship’s bridge to this day. Readers can view this video and its shot summary, plus a second video taken from HMS Rapid, by going to the IWM page.

HMS Cavalier is the last surviving British destroyer of WW2 still in the UK (at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent).

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Compiled by Michael Rose and John Nixon for the RNIOA, 2019.