23 May 2019
We are very pleased to announce the addition of two more items to our blog page (Blogs #6 & #7) by Mike Rose (MSc Studies at RMC Shrivenham) and John Nixon (NATO HQ Brussels, 1989) respectively. We have also expanded the galleries with 5 more images kindly provided by ex-schoolies.
14 May 2019
We are very pleased to announce the addition of another item to our blog page (Blog #5) - "Hong Kong, HMS Tamar and the Royal Observatory" by Mike Channon. Mike has also kindly agreed to let us add twelve of his personal images to our "METOC" and "Individuals" galleries.
09 May 2019
We have implemented a simple layer of security on the Service Stories page. It is now necessary to enter a username and password to access the stories.
03 May 2019
We are delighted to add the service story of Mike Channon OBE, plus an expanded version of John Franklin's story (it now includes an additional article titled 'Great Variety', taken from 'Not Just Chalk and Talk', Abram and Binks, 2013).
01 May 2019
To complement the history sections on the website we have developed an historical timeline of the IO Specialisation (1702-1997), accessible from the home page.
29 April 2019
We are pleased to add a new item to our blog page (Blog #4) - "RN Lists & the IO Specialisation" by John Nixon.
11 February 2019
We are very pleased to add three Service Stories - Lt Cdr Ken Langley, Commander John Hartley and Rear Admiral Jack Howard. With permission from "Not Just Chalk and Talk".
30 January 2019
We are pleased to add a new and highly-valued story to our blog page (Blog #3) by former school teacher, Jacqueline Yule, who taught alongside RNIOs in Malta. With many thanks to Martin Powell for granting his permission.
30 October 2018
We would be very pleased to receive more images from RNIOs, especially for the METOC, sport/recreation, ships and classroom categories of our gallery. Thank you!
29 October 2018
This site has recently been re-programmed using HTML5 and CCS3, the most recent software versions. One major advantage of this update is that alternating images on the site no longer require the use of Adobe Flash in the browser.
10 August 2018
The 13th annual IO's lunch will be held in Portsmouth on Wednesday 7th November, 2018. For details, contact Dick Abram:
03 August 2018
We have added a blog page to the site and invite you to submit an entry. This is a mechanism for you to share your thoughts and experiences about your life and/or the RNIO branch..
29 July 2018
We have been contacted by former artificer Chris Addington (1969), who kindly provided a summary of his career, with a mention of RNIO Lt. Gooby, who helped him onto a positive course after years of schooling difficulties. We are pleased to receive such comments.
03 March 2018
We are pleased to announce the addition of another service story - Brian Beel.