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[1] This is a good, concise summary. When I joined on a five year Short Service Commission (SCC) (in 1968) there were just 2 routes to a longer commission which were a Permanent Commission on the Permanent List, a full career, or a 16 year commission on the 16 year list. After 1978, as per this article, schoolies on the Permanent List became General List officers on Full Career Commissions (FCC), and all others became Supplementary List officers. Those on 16 year commissions joined the SL ranks on Medium Career Commissions (MCC). These officers were intended to be the deep specialists of the schoolie branch, the idea being they would stay in their chosen sub-specialisations. The highest rank achievable for MCC officers was Lieutenant Commander, but later it was realised that for some of them it would be a loss to retire them after just 16 years and the Extended Medium Career Commission (EMCC) to age 50 was introduced. To provide some incentive for these officers a small number of SL Commander positions was introduced. As a keen METOC, the MCC and then EMCC routes enabled me to remain in my field and I was fortunate enough to be one of the few SLs to make Commander. For a time, I even had the dubious honour of being the senior ranking SL in the whole of the Navy (all branches), appearing as the first entry in the SL officers section of the Navy List for 4 years running! Mike Channon. 02/05/2019.

#3 30/01/2019 Jacqueline Yule imageRNIOs and Royal Naval Schools: TAL-HANDAQ, Malta articlecomment
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#2 03/08/2018 Mike Rose imageCreating the RNIOA website articlecomment
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[1] A really informative article on the advantages (and pleasure) of doing things from first principles. Being lazy, I use Microsoft Expression Web 4 but it's a blessing, as editor of RNIOA, to be free to suggest anything, such as: "Mike, can you take 10 images from the gallery and make them fade in and out with a 4 second delay on the home page?" In absolutely no time at all, that's precisely what happens! John Nixon. 03/08/2018.

#1 02/08/2018 John Nixon imageA Gondola Ride Down Memory Lane - Malta, 2018 articlecomment
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[1] I visited Malta in the 1980s and my predominant memory is that a full English breakfast was available on every street corner! The videos of Bulwark in Grand Harbour are impressive - must be really nostalgic for those like John who were actually there during their service time. Mike Rose. 02/08/2018.

[2] Your article sent me down memory lane also. I never served in Malta but I was on board HMS Plymouth (Type 12 Rothesay Class Frigate), under the command of Commander Mike Livesay (who eventually became Admiral Sir Michael Livesay and Second Sea Lord) when she pulled in for a six week Assisted Maintenance Period (AMP) in May/June 1971. We berthed in Sliema Creek and remained there the entire time. Our main mode of transport across Grand Harbour to Valletta was the the iconic 'dghajsa' and Victor is likely to have been one of the many drivers/pilots that ferried us. These vessels were amazing value for money until the American Fleet arrived when their price quadrupled or more! During that 6 week period we worked a tropical routine and so had plenty of time to play a lot of sports, attend many cocktail parties and see the island. I was looked after royally by the staff of the Weather Centre at COMNAVSOUTH which later relocated to Naples, and even managed to see a military Polo match. Our ship also forged a relationship with Sweden's Ladies Gymnastics Team who were visiting Malta at the time but no need to elaborate on that! The videos of Bulwark were very nostalgic. Mike Channon. 05/02/2019.

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